A Clean Start

Working for another shampoo company in the early 90s, Judy Davis listened and learned what the breeders, exhibitors, handlers and groomers were wanting in their grooming products.

In 1995, when that shampoo company didn’t need her services anymore and wasn’t interested in doing anything different, she joined forces with a chemist who had a PHD in organic chemistry from Cornell University. Her requests to the chemist were simple:

  • A shampoo (1st Impression) that rinsed clean and pure without leaving a residue.

  • A conditioner (1st Satin) that was a moisturizer, not an oil.

  • One of a kind whitening (1st Snow White).

  • A color enhancer (1st True).

  • A finishing spray (1st Glance).

  • All the sprays would leave no build-up or residue.

  • Products could be used daily without damaging the coat or skin.

1st In-Line was then founded in 1996.

To promote products she created the “Dog Wash” and “Horse Wash” booths at national events. After seeing the top winning dogs of the Westminster Dog Show had no place to go to do their natural functions of bathing and exercising, the Green Room Salon & Spa was created in 2000.

The spa was located in the lower level of the Hotel Pennsylvania, in conjunction with the Westminster Dog Show. Judy was an active part of the Spa for 15 years.

Learning from the Dog Washes at National events and from the Salon and Spa, she listened to those who attended and learned their secrets on how to make an animal’s coat look like a champion. From this experience, she was able to write all of her Grooming Tips to aid others in achieving their goals in correcting a dull coat, dandruff, itchy skin and stains. She is always available to help others improve and maintain their animals’ coats!

Judy’s passion has always been in giving back and the love of the animal industry.

Judy Davis

President & CEO

Ms. Davis is the creator of 1st In-Line, Inc Animal Grooming Products.1st In-Line was developed in response to her friends in the animal industry. They requested she solve the serious problems, in the inappropriate and archaic chemistries, being used in animal grooming products.

Drawing on her knowledge as a winner of dog show competitions and her extensive work in the pet grooming industry she created an animal-specific product line. The products sales potential were pre-tested through one-on-one interaction with a wide variety of dog and horse show participants as well as professional groomers.

Ms. Davis comes to 1st In-Line with over 25 years of promotional, marketing and sales experience with an extensive background in business, accounting, printing, and media coverage (press releases, etc). Ms. Davis is known for her service in the community as an event coordinator specialist and has received the highest award given from the service organization International Lions Club “The Melvin Jones Award”.

Peter W. Davis

Vice President

Mr. Davis combines 22 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with 16 years of consulting for SRI in the health care field plus one year of consulting for MMC International. He has held a series of management positions in both the domestic and international operations of SmithKline Beecham and Syntex.

His duties included marketing and extensive liaison with corporate planning, international marketing, research and development personnel. Mr. Davis gained practical experience in pharmaceutical, marketing research operations and strategic planning with SRI and MMC consulting work during 1980-1996.

This latter experience has included a range of single client and multi-client studies for both U.S. based and international health care clients involving acquisitions, diversification, management organization and operation audits, strategic planning studies and scenario building.

He was named Director of SRI’s Health Industries Practice based in Menlo Park, CA in 1990. Mr. Davis then was Vice-President of MMC International in Stamford, CT during 1996.

He now consults independently in Palo Alto, CA.

Dr. Ron Schneider

Director of Research & Development

Dr. Schneider is a graduate from Stanford University and received his PhD in organic chemistry from Cornell University. He was a senior research chemist at Chevron Research for eighteen years.

Specializing in exploratory research, he developed completely original products to meet specific needs, and tested them in single blind and double blind experiments.

Mr. Schneider is also one of the co-founders of 1st In-Line. He brought a wealth of environmental concerns into the animal-grooming field. Together with Ms. Davis, this resulted in a selection of products for 1st In-Line that are not only beneficial to the animals’ skin and hair but are biodegradable and safe for the environment.