1st Glance Finishing Spray

The perfect finish for show animals

Product Description

  • Adds body and texture to coat
  • Super memory hold
  • Eliminates static electricity
  • Oil free.
  • No build-up
  • No silicon or alcohol that can harm coat texture
  • 16 oz spray bottle:
    • $15.99 + $12 shipping (USPS Priority Medium Box holds up to 8 16-oz bottles)
  • Half gallon bottle:
    • $39.99 + $12 shipping (USPS Priority Medium Box)

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1st Glance Finishing Spray adds that finished look to a perfectly groomed animal. Used as directed this advanced formula adds sparkle and shine while eliminating static electricity, keeping each hair where nature intended. !st Glance was developed by top groomers throughout the United States together with our dedicated research team.