1st Impression Shampoo

A gentle, effective shampoo that restores skin and coat

Product Description

  • Made with highest quality cosmetic-grade ingredients
  • Gentle, hypo-allergenic formula
  • Rinses clean without residue, leaving coat feeling soft and natural
  • Rich meringue-like lather
  • Chamomile extract (a natural optical brightener) enhances coat color, including white
  • Guar guards against skin drying and itching, and helps restore healthy skin
  • 16 ounce bottle makes 5 quarts of working solution (a 10:1 concentrate, dilute before use!):
    • $12.99 + $12 shipping (USPS Priority Medium Box holds up to 8 16-oz bottles)
  • A gallon bottle makes 30 gallons of working solution (a 30:1 concentrate, dilute before use!):
    • $39.99 + $12 shipping (USPS Priority Medium Box)

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1st Impression Shampoo is a scientifically formulated shampoo that is gentle yet effective. This concentrated, oil-free shampoo forms a rich meringue-like lather that is gentle on your hands and your pet’s skin, while being effective at cleansing. The formula, made from the highest quality cosmetic ingredients, is designed to rinse out squeaky clean, preventing build-up of any kind that can dull the coat and create skin irritations. The shampoo contains chamomile extract, a natural optical brightener, which enhances all colors including white. Groomers get dry and bleeding hands from constant bathing using other products. They have been delighted that 1st In Line has gone that extra step to help eliminate their problem by adding guar, also a natural ingredient, to aid in keeping their skin as well as the animal soft, smooth and pliable. Guar also helps eliminate itching and flaking dandruff in animals.

Please remember, oils in other shampoos can attract dirt which collects bacteria, and can eventually lead to dry, itchy skin and other related problems.