3-Pack: Gallon Shampoo, Gallon Conditioner, 16 oz Finishing Spray

3 popular products in an economical package

Product Description

  • Gallon 1st Impression Shampoo (a 30:1 concentrate, makes 30 gallons)
  • Gallon 1st Satin Conditioner (a 30:1 concentrate, makes 30 gallons)
  • 16 oz Glance Finishing Spray
  • $113.97 includes shipping to U.S. addresses

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A convenient and economical package of our highly concentrated 1st Impression Shampoo and 1st Satin Conditioner, both dilutes to 30 gallons of working strength solution. Top it off with our Glance Finishing Spray and your pet will be in show condition in no time!