Impression Shampoo


1st ImpressionShampoo is made from nature’s finest ingredients like chamomile which helps build body while restoring the natural shine of the coat and Guar which soothes and softens the skin eliminating itching and flaky dandruff caused by drying and leftover residues.


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This innovated deep cleansing shampoo also lathers like no other shampoo you’ve ever used, easily coats your whole dog and rinses quick and easily to a squeaky clean and residue free shine.

Our deep cleansing shampoo is concentrated, moisturizing and oil free. Yes, oil free. Oils in shampoo are not generally good for your animal’s fur and skin. Oils do not rinse out during the washing process, and oil left on the fur attracts dirt, dust & debris. By adding oils and/or glycerin’s to a product, it exasperates this problem. So, oils left on fur are a form of residue which can collect bacteria (dirt & debris too) and could eventually lead to dry itchy skin, dandruff, and other related problems.

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