1st Satin Conditioner

Pet Conditioner

This concentrated, oil-free conditioners are made with the highest quality cosmetic ingredients, including aloe vera (nature's moisturizer). Because of aloe vera's molecular structure, it will adhere to the skin and moisturize the animal's hair. This means that even after rinsing, moisture is still present. Anti-static and detanglers have been incorporated into the formula to assure you that the coat will lie as nature intended. A special hydrolyzed protein allows the coat to literally sparkle. Because there are no oils, this is an excellent leave-on conditioner. Guar has also been added to further aid in the softness and pliability of the skin.

Please remember, oils in shampoo, can attract dirt which collects bacteria, and can eventually lead to dry, itchy skin and other related problems.

See our grooming tips page to learn how best to use our products.

16 oz bottle, 10:1 concentrate, is $12.99

Gallon bottle, a 30:1 concentrate, is $39.99

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