Frequently Asked Questions

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Every day, if you want. We specifically developed the formula to be gentle and pH balanced  (pets have a slightly diffrent pH level vs humans) for regular washings during show season. There are no drying agents in the formula to dry or irrated the skin, actually just the opposite, we added ingredients that would sooth, moisterize and protect your pet.

Our shampoo was developed over 25 years ago by a Samoyed dog breeder who wanted the best, not only for her dogs but, all show animals. A product that would help animals stay bright white, bring out their natural coloring, protect their skin, detangle and prevent matting. The chemist she chose to help develope the product was a Organic Chemist who had received his PHD in Organic Chemistry from Cornell University. Together they set out to build a natural, organic, safe and effective shampoo and conditioner that would clean the coat while moisturizing and protecting the skin with the frequent washing show animals  receive preparing for a show.

What developed was 1st In Line Impression Shampoo & 1st In Line Satin Conditioner. Natural and organic shampoo and conditioner that thoroughly cleans your pet without leaving any residue (which can cause skin irritation, dandruff & matting of the coat). The leave in conditioner not only protects your pets coat but sooths the skin with its natural healing ingredients. The leave in conditioner is so soft it won’t weigh down your pets fur but helps give it body and shine.

The product they developed is perfectly PH balanced for your pets’ skin and doesn’t contain any oils, bleach or bluing agents which can be harsh on the skin.

Dry, itchy and irritated skin can be cause by environmental factors like pollen,  insect bites, or allergic reaction to grooming products, dandruff and dry skin. The first thing to do is to identify what is causing the irritation and try to remove that hazard from your pet if possible (food allergies, insects, grooming products etc.). Sometimes that irritation comes from left over residue from some pet products. With 1st In Line Impression Shampoo, you won’t have that worry because 1st Impression washes out clean and easy leaving only a fresh soft coat behind. By applying 1st Satin Conditioner with its healing aloe vera and lavender ingredients after bathing will leave your pet feeling better and calmer. Satin Conditioner is a leave in product.

For tougher irritated skin conditions, you may need to repeat washing and conditioning every other day (leaving the conditioner on the skin) until you see improvement in the skin. 

No, our shampoo does not contain any harmful ingredients or artificial fragrances that can be found in other horse shampoos. Just natural, safe ingredients for your pets, as well as, ours.

Yes it can. We have more detailed information on this topic in our “grooming tips” section you may want to cover.  But the simple answer is: Wash the area (you are focusing on)  throughly with 1st Impression Shampoo.  You may have to wash a second time. Apply Snow White Whitening Spray to the area and rub it in well – totally coating the area. Then apply 1st Satin Conditioner to the area and leave it on!  By leaving the conditioner on, you are protecting the hair fibers from what is causing the staining. Over the next day or two you may need to re-wash the area to get any persisitant staining removed, then re-apply the conditioner to the area to prevent further staining.

If you have specific issues call or eamil us and we’ll see if we can help.

Our shampoo isn’t just for dogs, many diffrent types of pets can use our product. We have clients who have show pigs, bulls and goats that are extremely happy with how their pets look for shows. Clients who use the concentrated conditioner on their sheep after they have been sheared to help protect the newly exposed skin from irritations and fungus. Arabian, Paint, Quarter and Fresian horses all over the country reap the benefits that our products offer them.

 Let’s not forget our other 4 legged house hold pet – the cat. As much as cats hate baths, sometimes it is neccesary for them to recieve one. Our shampoo and conditioner does wonders on cats with dandruff (our cat was one of those and does not suffer from dandruff any longer).