Snow White Whitening Spray


Snow White, for lighter to white colored dogs, this magical clear spray is truly one of a kind product. It will help remove yellowing and stains from your pet’s coat without the worry of drying or damaging skin or fur. (See our grooming tips about how to prevent yellowing and staining.)

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New for 2022! With the purchase of 1/2 gal of Snow White Whitening Spray, you will receive one 16 oz spray bottle w/ label (one per order).

A lot of whitening sprays use either a harsh bleaching agent or discoloring bluing agent, not our spray, we use what mother nature has provided naturally. Feel comfortable showing off how beautiful and bright your pet can be.

Caution: This product is specifically designed to enhance the true color of the fur and should not be used in conjunction with any bluing shampoo or any other products that could have harmful dyes.

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